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>New chapter:   The Emergence of E-consulting
>New sections:  Careers After Consulting
                              Public and Nonprofit Consulting
>Fully updated text with the latest industry data 
>Updated directory of 100 consulting firms

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"Demand for qualified management consultants continues to rise as new positions open up every year.  With tens of thousands of applicants vying for these coveted slots, however, the competition for them is fierce. Added to that, the preferred method of candidate selection, the case interview, is an excruciating challenge for even the most qualified applicants.  If you want to prevail in this grueling contest, you must be very well prepared.

Management Consulting: A Complete Guide to the Industry, Second Edition guides you carefully through every phase of the management consulting job search process and gives you a leg up on the competition every step of the way.   It provides an objective picture of the industry as a whole, shows you how to grab the attention of consulting firms that are virtually buried in resumes, and helps you navigate abstract and complex case interviews with confidence.

More than 100 sample case questions prepare you to think on your feet during the case interview, and outlines of the 15 most common case frameworks help you shape your answers to fit the topic.  You'll even find a directory of 100 consulting firms to help you start your job search.  Plus, contributions from leading consultants from various sectors of the industry give you a feel for the business and help you discover how you can fit into it.

This new edition features a revealing profile of the e-business segment of the consulting industry as well as considerable information on consulting to start-ups, incubators, and other new economy enterprises.  All salary information is completely updated, as are statistics on the industry and discussions of key trends affecting the management and recruiting practices of consulting firms.   You'll also discover how to negotiate among your offers for the most attractive package.

Whether you're a recent business graduate/MBA or an accomplished professional seeking a career change, you need all the help you can get to break into consulting.  With Management Consulting on your side, you'll develop the background knowledge, interview skills, and absolute confidence you need to take the consulting industry by storm."

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336 Pages, Hardcover
US$39.95 Suggested Retail Price
2001: John Wiley & Sons,
ISBN: 0471444014


"The perfect resource"  
- University of Chicago

- The Boston Consulting Group

"Chock-full of useful information"
- The Wharton School

- Brown University



Chapter 1: 
The Management Consulting Industry

Chapter 2: 
The Consultant's Work and Lifestyle

Chapter 3: 
The Emergence of e-Consulting

Chapter 4: 
Perspectives on Consulting

Chapter 5: 
Planning Your Consulting Career

Chapter 6: 
Mastering the Case Interview

Chapter 7: 
Negotiating Your Offer

Appendix I: 
15 Essential Case Frameworks

Appendix II: 
100 Case Questions and 10 Answers

Appendix III: 
Directory of 100 Consulting Firms


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