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Visit InsideConsulting's news center for the latest headlines and in-depth stories on the consulting industry.  InsideConsulting collects stories from a wide variety of sources to create a consolidated news center, enabling you to quickly scan for articles of interest.  




Andersen Mistakes Can Guide Others
Competitors Seek Different Things Amid Andersen
E-Partners of Andersen Create New Firm
Cap Gemini Officer Resigns, Adding to String

Companies Farm Out for Resource Departments
McKinsey's Growth Hindered Its Use of Data
Perot Systems Remains Optimistic Despite Probe
KPMG to Buy Three Units in Europe
EDS to Buy Part of Loudcloud
AOL Partners with Scient to Sell Services

Lucent to Sell Consulting Unit
Accenture 4Q Tops Estimates
For Cap Gemini, the Wrong Mate (E&Y)
Cap Gemini E&Y (Europe) Loss Widens
iXL, Scient Shareholders OK Merger
Scient and iXL Merge
Troubles at Razorfish
KPMG Strengthens e-Learning Offering
HP Tries its Hand at Net Consulting



Consultants: Who Are We?
Business Slows for Consultants in Europe
Demand Grows Sluggish for Consulting Pros
Consultants in UK Seem Immune to Slump
Is Consulting Solo Right for You?


Split-up of Arthur Andersen and Andersen
Cap Gemini Merges with Ernst & Young
KPMG a Tech Stock?
For Some, Dot-Coms Remain the Next Big Thing
Consulting Firms' Interviewing Secrets
Consultants Get Taste of Own Medicine
Demand Weakens for Management Consultants
Have You Considered a Career in Consulting?
McKinsey Tries to Outsmart Allure of the Web
Tough Summer for MBA Internships
So Where Do MBAs Want to Work?
Strategy: Diamond Technology Partners



MBA Dream Jobs May Be Just That
Helping Fellow MBAs Get Jobs: Lending a Hand
How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note
How to Impress Recruiters
Slow Economy Claims More Consulting Pros
Even Hot B-School Grads Face Chilly Market
Interview Body Language
Why Your Resume Got Tossed

Eight Questions Every MBA Should Ask
Coach, Help Me Out With This Interview
Resumes: Beware of Getting "Creative"
Tapping MBA Alumni to Land Interviews
Nail Your Recruiting Dinner
A Deep Freeze for Executive Hiring
So Many MBAs, So Few Jobs
Should You Spend a Fortune on Your MBA?
Have You Considered a Career in Consulting?
There's No Place Like Home
Working Abroad: Take Your Job Hunt Overseas
For Gen X, Its Schmooze or Loose
Consulting Crunch Forces Firms to Delay Starts
2002 MBAs Can Stay Afloat
Job Forecast for MBAs Grows Darker
MBAs Encounter Bleak Job Outlook
Firms Make Offers, Then Take Them Away
The Salary Squeeze is On
Increasing Success of Online Recruiting
A Longer Wait for that Final Offer
Finding a Headhunter Who Fits